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Drain Jetting: An Effective Solution For Clogged Drains

drain jetting

Drain jetting is often necessary to get rid of those stubborn blockages. Occasionally, the domestic-based drain unblockers just don’t cut it. In this instance, you may be wondering what kind of professional service you can hire to fix this issue. A blocked drain is a dysfunctional one, and this can lead to all sorts of household issues.

As a result, we’ve put together this overview of drain cleaning, to help you understand the process further.

What Is Drain Jetting?

Drain jetting is a fairly self-explanatory term. When a blockage is extremely tough, a high-powered jet wash is equipped to eliminate any debris that’s preventing your drains from flowing smoothly. The great aspect of a water jet is when used appropriately, there’s no chance of damaging your pipework. This means you can hire expert drain jetting services with the peace of mind that no harm will come to your home’s pipework.


When To Call Professional Drain Jetting Services

It’s essential to understand the difference between minor and severe drain blockages when considering a professional drain jetting service. Small sink clogs and backed up toilets can sometimes be fixed with domestic cleaners, a plunger and some elbow grease. However, if you’re experiencing raw flowing sewage, extremely unpleasant odours or a blockage that just won’t budge, it’s time to contact a professional.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

There’s a variety of reasons a drain becomes blocked, from misuse of amenities to bad workmanship, it’s important to know what not to do in order to avoid costly call-out fees.

Please see below for a list of common causes:

Grease, Hair & Sanitary Products

These are the three most common culprits that lead to drain jetting services being required. If you want free-flowing drains and a stress-free household, we recommend never flushing sanitary products, large amounts of hair or kitchen oil down your drains.

Poorly Installed Drainage

Another cause of drain blockages is bad fitting. If previous contractors installed bad pipework you could suffer constant blockages. Inappropriate pipe fittings, drainage that flows uphill, or poor groundwork leading to sagging can all cause major clogs within your pipe network.

Get In Touch With Pro Waste Today For Drain Jetting Services

If you’re battling a stubborn blockage that just won’t clear, then contact Pro Waste today. We’re fully equipped with trained staff and state-of-the-art tools to help you with any drainage issue. Our prices are competitive and we strive for complete customer satisfaction.


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