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The Importance Of Emptying Your Septic Tank Regularly

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If you own a Haverfordwest home with a septic tank, then it’s essential you understand how crucial regular emptying is. Unfortunately, not all houses can be connected to mains sewage. Alternatively, you may be looking to become less reliant on public amenities.

Whatever the reason, knowing the role that a regularly emptied tank plays in a healthy, stress-free household is useful. As a result, we’ve written this brief overview of the importance of maintenance.

How Does A Septic Tank Work?

There are a variety of different septic tanks available in Haverfordwest depending on your circumstances. Without going into too much detail about the selection, let’s highlight the overall process, aim and design of most tanks. Almost all products rely on a drainage system leading to the septic tank. From there, water and waste are separated.

Whether it’s via pressure valves, gravity or powered aeration, the overall goal is to collect human waste and return clean water to the ground. This can be done through a soak away, or other methods depending on the ground around your tank.

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Why You Should Empty Your Septic Tank Regularly

It’s essential you empty your tank as often as possible. An overflowing or full septic tank can be a big issue. Not only does it put more strain on the tank itself, resulting in a shorter life span, but it prevents the waste and water from being separated and processed. Additionally, raw sewage is something nobody wants to see on their Haverford West property, and by regularly emptying your tank, you avoid the chance of this happening.

Septic Tank Issues

There are several causes for septic tank issues. Some are avoidable, some are not. Regardless of whether the cause is deliberate, it’s important to know what can cause septic tank problems in order for you to prevent and repair before further damage.


Unless we receive biblical amounts of rainwater or the drainage in your property is poorly installed, flooding should never be an issue. However, there are occasions where this occurs. Furthermore, heavy flooding no matter the source, can sometimes cause a septic tank to breach. This can occur through water entering the tank itself or making its way underneath and causing it to rise.

If this occurs, it’s usually unavoidable, all you can do is contact professional services to drain and repair what remains after the flooding has dispersed.


Blockages are caused by flushing products that do not belong in a septic tank. Instead of highlighting all the objects that should never enter your pipework, we shall just emphasize the only things that should ever be flushed:

  • Fluids (not including oil, grease or harsh chemicals)
  • Natural human waste
  • Toilet paper

If you stick to only flushing those listed above, you should never have to deal with blockages.

Choose Pro Waste For High-Quality Septic Tanks In Haverfordwest

If you live in Haverfordwest and need your septic tank emptied, then look no further than Pro Waste. We’re fully equipped with top-of-the-range machinery and top-notch drivers to ensure all work carried out on your tank is to a high standard. For more information, get in touch with Pro Waste today.


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